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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Don't pick everything you see in magazines. Pick what looks and feels better on you. This comes with being honest and true to yourself.
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The most famous institute on the Indian subcontinent is National Institute of Fashion Technology (N.I.F.T.). NIFT has 8 centers across India and their New Delhi Center is regarded as the best fashion school on the Indian subcontinent. NIFT is planning to come up with at least 2 more centres in the North Indian city of Patna and in Kerala in South India. The School of Fashion Technology (SOFT) in Pune has a three year degree course in fashion apparel design. It has diploma courses as well. The Pearl Academy of Fashion has 5 centres in India and one in the UAE.
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Confidential Military Information Bought for Fifteen Dollars

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 19:45:32 +0000
One would like to think that military secrets about operations in Afghanistan and Iraq would have the strictest security possible. Apparently, this is not the case:
“…Chris Ogle, 29, paid $15 for the player and when he plugged it into his computer he found 60 pages of military data, Television One News said.
The files contained ...]

Frank Sinatra

VMware and Parallels for Virtual Machines

Mon, 25 Feb 2008 06:30:00 GMT

It doesn't matter if you're running on Windows or Mac OS X - every power user needs either Parallels or VMware (or both). There's never been an easier way to test software without destroying your primary operating system's stability. Think of how many times you wish you could press a 'reverse' button on your computer. Plus, there's no easier way to try new Linux distributions - see what all the fuss is about. Run Windows in OS X, run Linux in Windows, but the best way to do either is with VMware and/or Parallels.

Home Town Style: They do Christmas big in Brooklyn

Thu, 25 Dec 2008 00:00:00 GMT
Dyker Heights takes holiday decoration to new heights...

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I was always amazed at the extensive holiday house decorations in some areas of the borough-- too much was never enough to create a holiday wonderland on the front lawn. Friend and now Brooklyn resident, Mark Mos...

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